Colored roof tile made from cement, reinforced PVA fiber and other additives.
Beautiful ceramic paint finishing.

Specification of roof tile:

Dimension           424 mm x 335 mm
Un-lapped area    363 mm x 303 mm
Weight                 3.2 kg
Per square meter  9 pieces

Flexural strength/ bending load: over 1800 N
Water absorption: 9.5%

Advantages of roof tile:

Roof tile compliance with Japanese standard: JIS A 5402: 2002
40% lighter than the average clay/ cement tiles.
Available in 10 different colors.
Can go over 30 years without loosing the look.
Due to its high flexural strength, rain-storm resistance, the product is suitable for roofing in the costal area.

FUJI-TTC AIR FRENCH is produced in Vietnam under the license of FUJISLATE, Japan with sophisticated Japanese technology. Main ingredients such as undercoat, over coat and top ceramic paints, PVA fibers are imported from Japan.