Washing powder - OEM manufacturer

Washing powder manufactured on modern production line. The active matter is LASNa, the content of which can be do for buyer’s requirement.

LASNa (14%, 16%, 19%...)
Color sparkle (blue, green, red...)
Perfume (lemon, flower...)
Other additives

Annual capacity: 100.000 tons/ year

Quality: production plant with ISO-9001:2000 and many years experience in making chemicals, especially household cleaning products.

Application: Multiple uses for clothes, floor, tables and toilet...

Some advantages:
Suitable for hand and machine washing.
Easy to rinse.
Dissolve quickly in cold, normal water to save time.
Harmless to hand.

Label: OEM brand, can do for buyer’s requirement.

Packing: many sizes 120 g, 300 g, 500 g, 1 kg, 3 kg…

For all general inquiry:
GM: Mr. Hung Nguyen
Cell #: +84.915.240.240
Email:                 nguyenthanhhung@vitd.com.vn

For consumer and industrial goods:
SE: Ms. Hoa
Cell #: +84.977.330.189
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SE: Ms. Nga
Cell #: +84.166.312.1529
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For minerals
SE: Ms. Lily
Cell #: +84.986.725.562
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