Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon Oil

Among tropical timbers in Vietnam, cinnamon can be planted to be long lasting sustainable product, especially for export.

Cinnamon is a perennial timber tree. A tree can reach height of 15 m. Every part of cinnamon tree contains oil. Leaves contain much oil. Cinnamon tree is suitable to grow on soft humus on sloppy hills. Growing cinnamon tree contribute to environmental protection for it develops forest cover, anti soil erosion, good gene of local trees.

Capacity: 100 tons of cinnamon oil per year.

Advantages: Cinnamon is used as a valuable remedy. For it tastes acrid, hot, bitter, smell, it is good for gall, decongestant, blood circulating stimulation and body cinnamon is widely used in food industry.

Specification of cinnamon oil:
Concentration: > 75%
Color: Natural yellow, smooth

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